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    • Low Angle Touring Paddle
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      Low Angle Touring Paddle

      Our Low Angle Touring Paddle is designed to give you a comfortable, light and quite paddle. The Comfortable Oval Shaft reduce stress on your fingers as it contours to the shape of your hand better than a round shaft. Blade Length: 20 in. / 51.5 cm Blade Width: 6.5 in. / 16.5...
    • Mid-Wing and Small-Wing Paddles
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      Mid-Wing and Small-Wing Paddles

      Wing Paddle Our wing paddle have small and mid two type, which provides strong connection through the drive and a clean release. The Airfoil crossection of our wing provides hydrodynamic lift during a high angle stroke. Comfortable Oval Shaft fits your hand well and is stiff...
FLYING EAGLE is one of the leading China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in kayak paddle manufacturing and marketing. All equipments in stock are made in China and with excellent stability and performance. Welcome to buy the quality and durable kayak paddle at cheap price.


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